How hunting and trout fishing helped me get over a brain tumour

Author: Shane

Location: Tasmanian Highlands

“Craig asked me to put a little video together on why I hunt. Well, it’s not an easy question to answer. You know, I could say – sure, we hunt for the food. The exercise. Spending time in nature. That’s all very important, but I actually remember, when I was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 1996, the pain therapist who came out to see me while I was in hospital waiting for the operation – and she said that I was very lucky, because I had heaps of memories and experiences in nice places to look back on. She said that plenty of people are going through pain and trauma – when they seen them, the pain therapists have had to make up memories for them, because they didn’t have much to look back on. No great memories in the bush, or while they’re fishing, or something like that – they don’t have experiences like hunters do. So I think it’s a very important reason why I hunt. I love nothing better than looking back on old photos, watching old videos, and just thinking back on the past experience I had had, hunting in Australia.” – Shane