The Storytelling Pod

The Storytelling Pod

March 2024

The Storytelling Pod has been created as a nurturing and welcoming space for people to come and tell stories of connecting with nature. At Beaker Street Festival’s NOCTURNA, story tellers were wrapped in a blanket, given a hot water bottle and a cup of tea while their oral tales were recorded.

At the Love Your Wildlife Festival The Pod attracted a group of children who dedicated themselves to designing images to add to our pod exterior. Two new felt echidnas emerged from that day.

NW Fest and Mannarlagenna Day attracted children to draw pictures and hear stories about nature.

In March look out for The Pod at the Tamar NRM Sustainability Festival (Launceston) and Day of Delight (Geeveston).

Having someone actively listen while people described times of connection and meaning is a too rare experience in a world of Netflix and doomscrolling.

If you would like The Pod to visit your Festival or Event to collect nature stories of importance to your community, contact us here.

Nighttime storytelling in the pod.

Author & Photos: Jen Sharman

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