Why The Nature Connection Project?

We know that connecting with nature has positive impacts on our health and wellbeing, social connections and on pro-environmental behaviours. However, there are some gaps in our understanding.

The Nature Connection Project brings together stories from a wide range of humans, as a way of understanding how different people and communities connect to nature.

Why stories? Stories are powerful tools for understanding how people make meaning of the world around them as they help us think more critically and sensitively about our experiences. In this project we use storytelling as a means of understanding the subtleties of nature connection and how it impacts on health, wellbeing and the planet.

Image collage of nature including deer, turtle, star fish and fishing father and son
image of girl with gum leaf and coakcatoo

Our Vision

Inspired by Australia’s Strategy for Nature (2019-2030) our vision is to generate positive changes to humans and their environment by better understanding the process and impact of nature connection.

Image of farmer with sheep and hay bale

We Value

Nature Connection for everybody. Understanding how different people in Australia connect with nature. Researching personal stories as a way to understand more deeply the benefits Australians receive from connecting with nature.

Image of man on a jet ski

Our Goals

  1. To hear from a range of people, with different backgrounds and experiences, about the ways they connect with nature.
  2. To explore these stories and use the research to help improve our understanding of nature connection, its impacts and barriers.
  3. To assist in developing strategies and policies that generate positive change.
  4. To create a suite of tools for evaluating, qualifying and translating nature connection experiences and impacts for community partners.
image of woman with fern taking a photo

Why is this important?

  • People connecting to nature has positive health and wellbeing outcomes for humans and the environment.
  • Nature connectedness leads to caring for nature, which leads to taking actions to protect it.
  • Increasing people’s connection to nature can lead to effective species and ecological community management and recovery.
  • Telling stories help us understand about nature connection.